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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bike Examination

Hello Friends of Sepeda Hijau.. How are you? Hopefully in good health. I want to say now is: At last the first semester exams came to an end ... But, interesting as English exam on Saturday, December 12, 2009, there were reading the text contents of the bicycle. And immediately it occurred to me that this will be my post on In a flash I had been working on this problem.
Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around. Bicycles are quiet, fun to ride, and you don’t need gas or electricity to make them go. You just use the power of your legs!

Bicycles have two wheels. One wheel is in front of the other. You swing your leg over the bike, sit down, and start pedaling.
The heart of every bicycle is its frame. Most bicycles have frames made of thin metal tubes. The best frames are light and strong. A seat, called a saddle, is in the middle of the frame. You can make the seat higher or lower.
Bicycle wheels usually have wire spokes. Spokes help the wheel keep its round shape. Inflatable tires fit on the wheels. The wheels have brakes for stopping.
A bicycle has handlebars. You use the handlebars to steer and help you balance on two wheels. Most bikes have brake levers on the handlebars. You squeeze the levers to make the breaks work.
Pedals and chain make a bike go. You put your feet on the pedals and push. The pedals go around and around. The turning pedals move a chain. The chain goes to the back wheel. The chain goes around a part called a cog. The moving chain makes the cog on the back wheel turn.
Most bicycles have a gearshift attached to the frame or the handlebars. Bikes usually have 5 to 27 gears. Bicycle gears have a part called a derailleur. The derailleur shifts the chain to lower or higher gears. You use a lever to shift gears.
You use low gears for going up a hill. You use high gears for going faster, usually on flat roads or downhill.


Bike Bali Tour said...

apa sichh sepeda hijau tu.......

Uzan said...

Sepeda Hijau itu mana untuk blog saya yang terinspirasi dari sepeda saya yang berwarna hijau, selain itu Sepeda Hijau juga dapat diartikan sebagai menunggang sepeda untuk hijaunya dunia_ ^^

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